Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PA - Gettysburg KOA

Hooray, my first post on our Visa blog!  We took delivery of the Visa on Friday the 17th and stayed in Gettysburg for a couple of nights...it was a quick but fantastic trip!
Here's our new camper!  Just a tiny bit bigger than the Aliner, huh?  After just one weekend we all love it! We were on site #13, which was a pull-through.  The back-in sites seemed to have more privacy, but we were nervous about backing it in for the first stay.  Nice campground with lots of Theo-approved fun stuff like a pool, a giant outdoor chess set, and mini-golf in the woods.

 We took a fantastic tour with http://www.historictourcompany.com/ and this one was especially aimed at kids and families.  It was really great and we all learned so much!  Here is Theo about to try loading and firing within 20 seconds...which is the speed of the best soldiers during the Civil War...3 shots in a minute isn't much when you're being shot at too - scary!

 And now it is my turn...I almost made it! 

 The cannon team was assembled from our tour group...Theo was the "powder monkey"...here he is carrying the imaginary shell.

 Kevin and Theo at Little Round Top.

And the boys at a cannon on Little Round Top...Kevin more interested in the "other" type of shooting!