Thursday, July 12, 2012

Motion Sensor LED Lights

I found a 2 pack of these light strips at Costco.   They are battery powered and light and motion sensitive, so it works great on our new bathroom shelf attached with zip ties.

CT - "Camp Willington"

No public campground here...but a fantastic Independence Day/weekend campout at the gorgeous property of D&T (and PUX) friends.  We parked the Visa by the pond along with their camper and that of another set of friends.  A great time was had by all - the kids were in the water literally all day and had a blast.
Since we had to work on Thursday and Friday we went home but left the camper there and went out for more fun for the weekend.  Round 2 with more swimming, fishing, and chillaxing!  A huge thanks to the Willingtonpaul family for inviting us!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

ME - Acadia National Park

We had so much fun last year with the crew from at Acadia, that we went for round 2 in 2012...and of course it was fabulous and went WAY too fast!  Weather was a bit rainy, including a pretty strong thunderstorm with a lightning strike either in or super close to the campground property!  All was well, though, and we stayed nice and dry in the Visa.

We were at Smuggler's Den campground and on site 81 this year.  My parents are on the road in motorhome for the summer and were able to join up with us for the week as well (and they're staying an additional week...I'm so jealous!)  This is Kansas with my parents' dog, Tyler - they got along great!

Despite the weather, we got out for some great hikes and trail runs with friends, new and old.  Theo did a great job on some fairly difficult hikes this year - he's a strong little dude! 

We walked over to Bar Island at low tide and we were able to see Sea Stars (aka starfish...but they're not fish ;) )

Kansas had a great time, too.  Playing with other dogs and hiking, and rolling in the sand/shells/seaweed in some tidal pools.

Bar Harbor is crazy dog friendly, and Kansas did some shopping and even was served a bowl of water at the Jordan Pond House when we had popovers on the lawn!

The skies cleared enough for my dad to take out his telescope one night and show a few of us a nice view of the Moon and even Saturn. 

And of course, if you ask Theo what his favorite thing was...swimming!  Smuggler's Den has a heated pool, and my little fish boy loved it, especially when he swam with other friends from our group (and a couple of new friends from the campground.)  He also loved the camp store and all of the gum and candy he bought...oh brother.

And my boys enjoyed chilling in the camper after a tough day of hiking.  We saw Theo very little during the down time because he likes Grandma and Grandpa's motorhome better (and the bigger TV in it...and Grandpa's waffles in the mornings...) 

And not to forget the BSD (big seafood dinner)...gotta have lobsters in Maine!