Tuesday, October 11, 2011

MA - Nickerson State Park

We had a fantastic long weekend at the Cape with a bunch of friends from DogandTrailer.com!  The weather was unseasonably warm and simply spectacular!  Who would think we would be at the beach on October 9th!
We were on site 72 in area 4 - it was a HUGE site and we will definitely book this one again!

Just to give some perspective - here's the view of the picnic table in the same spot as the above shot, from out of the camper door...you can see the fire pit and the two chairs near it in the distance.

We woke up to this every morning!   That's Cliff Pond through the trees.

This is our new family member, Kansas.  This was his first trip and he's a great little camper!

The dinette is a great spot for Kansas' bed.  Plus, he can hop over into our bed when we wants to...and hop back when he's feeling squished!

Here are the boys on Nauset Light Beach.  The weather was amazing!

Theo "fell in", as he often does when kayaking!  We went back the next day with our bathing suits on and he was a happy camper.

And here's Kansas, doing his best seal imitation.  We did see real ones as well out in the water!

No pics from the pot luck or site crawl...too busy then enjoying all of the great food and great company!  We also didn't get any pics of Theo and his buds, since they were usually zipping by on their bikes - too fast for me to catch with the camera :)