Saturday, January 5, 2013

Dog Rest Stop: Exit 173 off of I-95 in NC

Also in Roanoke Rapids, NC - a rest stop for dogs!  Yay! They have a great dog park at the Halifax County Visitor Center off of exit 173 in Roanoke Rapids.  We didn't stop on the way down, but we did on the way back up.  Such a nice thing to stretch those puppy legs and meet and greet other dogs (and their people too).  They have two fenced runs - one for big dogs and one for small dogs, and also have nice fresh water bowls for thirsty puppies.  Kansas met four new friends and had a blast!

The park/visitor center is conveniently located across from a big Evil Empire (Wally World), so while Kansas and I played and socialized, the boys went in and bought our pink juice for re-winterizing.

We will definitely be stopping at this exit again on our north-south travels!