Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sewer Hose Storage

Since the Visa doesn't have the standard 4" square bumper (it is 2"x4")...and from what I understand the Rhino hose fittings don't fit so well in those anyway, we kind of copied something I saw online. 
The parts list:
 - a 4.75" x 4.75"x 96" vinyl fence post cover
 - a vinyl gutter (cut down to 95")
 - two 4"x4" post toppers
 - four eye screws and four standard screws
 - two small bungees
 - and a couple of screen tabs (because I had those around from a previous could use something else for the drawer pulls/bungee holders)

Here is a close up on how the bungees are attached and how they hook onto the little screen tab/drawer pull.

Here is a shot of the "drawer" pulled out.  The 4x4 toppers are screwed on to the gutter.  We also plan to get a second gutter segment and cut it a bit smaller to use as a hose support and keep it underneath the drawer.

We drilled some drainage holes in both the gutter and the fence post. 

It is attached to the frame using giant industrial zip ties through holes in the bottom and also around the whole thing just to be extra sure.