Saturday, July 23, 2011

Weber Q

We have a Weber Q220 at home and love it.  On Pop Up Explorer/RV Itch many people mod a Baby Q to use the low pressure quick connect on their camper if they have one...since the Visa came with a quick connect, it didn't take too long before this mod was calling my name.  I found a never-used Q100 (the little brotherto our 220) on Craigslist, complete with the rolling collapsible stand and cover - sweet!

 So you start by taking the regulator off of the grill, which leaves you with a 1/8" male fitting.  From there here is the list of parts I ordered from
- Reducing coupling ¼” female to 1/8” female, item # 40-1 (from the grill to the hose)
- Hose (I went for 9’) ¼” male on both ends, item # 20-90
- Gender bender double female coupling, part # 39-10 (from the hose to the quick connect)
- Quick coupling male pin to ¼” male, item # 28-70 (to the trailer)

Here's a shot of the connection at the grill:

And here's a shot of the connection at the camper:
Of course if you plan to do this mod, use pipe dope on all connections, and leak check it before using :)