Friday, May 24, 2013

....aaaand we're moving on from the Visa...

We decided that as much as we loved the Tundra, it just wasn't working out great as a daily driver for either of us.  And, well, the Class C's have been calling for a we decided to buy a Winnebago and sell the Visa and Tundra.  Follow our continued adventures at our new blog: Adventures with the Winnebago

CT - Charlie Brown Campground

Another great spring kickoff rally with the Dog and Trailer crew!  The weather could not have been more spectacular and the company and accompanying food fest was unmatched.
The kids had a wonderful time playing, frogging, and having Nerf wars.

Moms and Dads had a great time visiting with friends old and new, going for a great run in Connecticut's "quiet corner" through the nearby state forest, and of course enjoying some well-earned margaritas from the Margarator!

And the food fest known as the pot luck is about to commence!

A great time had by all, and of course over all too soon...a weekend was just not long enough.