Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bathroom Shelf

I learned on the Visa owners Facebook page that some if the models have a nice little linen shelf in the bathroom above the of course I wanted to add something similar in that wasted space.

We noodled on it and decided to use wire shelving in the interest of weight and if used upside down it provides a nice lip.

As luck would have it, the right length was available as a packaged linen shelf at Lowes.  Of course it was the stock white plastic coated wire and I wanted an oil rubbed bronze finish to coordinate with the new shower enclosure.  Rustoleum makes an any surface, any angle paint that took care of that!

We had to cut the back right corner to accommodate the angle at the corner of the bathroom.  I had thought this was for the vent stack, but it is just for the rounded corner on the other side of the wall next to the fridge.  The vent stack is in the wall between the bathroom and if any 23BHD owners are reading this and plan to do this, just pull back the door frame trim a bit to pull back the wall material to see where the stack is as well as any wires so you don't screw through anything that you'll kick yourself for!