Saturday, August 27, 2011

ME - Acadia National Park

We had a fabulous time at Acadia National Park, attending the 2nd annual Dog & Trailer/Outbackers Acadia rally.  We stayed at Smuggler's Den Campground, which was right on Mt. Desert Island and their property is adjacent to some of the NP property - great spot and the only campground I've ever been at with live lobsters in the camp store (and cooking instructions and pots to borrow!)

I forgot to snap a shot of our site until when we were packing up.  We were in site #86, OK site but the sewer connection was a bit higher than the site, which made it not ideal.  We were close to the group so it was a good spot, but not my favorite.

We became members of the Cadillac Mountain Sunrise Club along with a few other brave D&T friends: the Egregg and DHDB families.  It was worth getting up at o'dark thirty, that's for sure!

Take a look... 

We had a lot of fun hiking and biking.  No pics from our ride on the carriage paths, but lots of hiking pics:
This is on the Beech Cliff trail.  Echo Lake in the background, and after the hike we spent a while at the beach you can kind of see in the background.

The Beech Cliff trail has several ladders, which Theo loved.

And Kevin too!

We made it to the top!

Theo making friends with a seagull at Thunder Hole.

Theo on the Ladder Trail up to Dorr Mountain.

Note the clean teeth, this is right before we headed into/through big patches of blueberries on either side of the trail - yum!

We made it to the summit of Dorr Mountain! 

So windy up there that the signpost was knocked over.

We parked the car somewhere down there...

Time to climb back down.

We also went on a great whale watching boat cruise.  We saw two species of whales, dolphins, porpoises (yes, they're different, but now I can't remember in what ways other than the dolphins were definitely more playful and even jumped out of the water.)  Not everyone on the cruise did so well in the seasickness department, including Theo.  He held up better than others, but after some complaints I got him some dramamine from the galley of the boat...and he spent the rest of the cruise like this:

yep, completely out.  He said he had a great snooze!

On our way back into Bar Harbor.  Some cool boats in the harbor, including that one with 4 masts in the distance in this pic.

We also had a great time hanging out with friends and T had a blast swimming in the pool at the campground, playing with friends, and doing kid stuff.  We took a fun tour of the Atlantic Brewing Company (and tasting...and buying...)  And we had a fantastic lobster dinner with the group...very tasty and I didn't have to get all freaked out cooking them myself!