Monday, November 28, 2011

CT - Mystic KOA

After a great time at Nickerson, we decided to plan one more trip out for 2011.  Looking at the calendar, the next available weekend was Thanksgiving!  So we decided to book a spot at the KOA in Mystic for the long holiday weekend.  The KOA is right off of 95, which is a pro and a con - super close for getting to area stuff to do, but highway noise is almost constant.  We used the furnace at night anyway, so we had plenty of white noise to sleep to :)
We were in site A2.  Not exactly our idea of an ideal site since it is so open and pretty much a parking lot setup, but since there were only a handful of other campers it was just fine.  Plus, it was right across from the playground...

where we lost Theo to for the majority of the weekend!  There were a couple other families camping and staying in the cottages, so T had some buds to play with.  He was over there on that jumping pillow within about 5 minutes of our arrival.

Kansas got his own playground too, and tried the hoop a few times.  Speaking of Kansas...remember that great setup where he was sleeping on the dinette made into a bed?  Well, apparently it is hard to understand the difference between that and the dinette set up as a table:

And one evening Kevin and I were outside making dinner and T and Kansas were inside the camper...we looked in this window and saw all of Kansas - he was standing on the table!  I guess we need to work on re-learning our boundaries (but that was an awfully funny sight!)

We were treated to some beautiful sunsets!

And we had a great visit to the Mashantucket Pequot Museum.  Here is Theo looking out the observation tower, 185 feet up.

We also visited Mystic Seaport twice - once for a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner at Latitude 41, and once to poke around the seaport, check on the restoration status of the Charles Morgan and enjoy the beautiful weather.

All good things must come to an end: the final campfire of 2011...time to tuck the camper away until spring and look forward to more fun adventures in 2012!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Kitchen Faucet

I prefer a single lever faucet for several reasons, but especially in the camper for water conservation when dry camping...your hand can be busy soaping and scrubbing and your forearm can flip the water on and off.  I found this faucet at IKEA (it is named Lagan and was all of $20)  I especially liked that it was for a single hole so I could install a soap less thing to clutter up the small amount of counter space!  Also, I mounted it in the leftmost hole so there is no problem with reach whatsoever in either sink bowl.

Closet Shelves

We tried hanging fabric shelves, which worked fine but wasted a lot of space behind them in the front closets on either side of our bed.  I found wire locker shelves (in dark pink, oh well) at Big Lots for $3 each.