Thursday, April 26, 2012

New tires!

Yay, the Visa's new shoes arrived and have been mounted.  Not cheap, but it wasn't worth risking a blowout while out having adventures.  We got the Maxxis M8008s.

Friday, April 20, 2012

VA - Richmond Americamps KOA

Another overnight pull-through KOA.  We pulled in late and pulled out early, but we were there long enough for Kansas to play a little in the dog playground and have a nice walk around the loops.  Nice campground for overnighting, right off of 95 just north of Richmond and right across the highway is Bass Pro Shops.   It would have between nice to have some time to poke around there!
No pics since it was dark when we arrived and we hit the road early.

Tire Troubles

We are pretty fanatical with safety and inspections and do a walk-around at each stop when traveling, which includes a visual check and heat check on the tires.  At literally our last stop on the way home from FL we noticed cracks in the sidewalls of the tires.  More pronounced on two of them, but they are present on the other two as well.   These are Trail Americas with a manufacture date of 2011.  We keep them inflated properly, don't have crazy weight added to the trailer, and even keep the tires covered when in storage.  So, yeah, it looks like they're just crummy low-quality cheap tires.  We also aren't the only Visa owners with tire woes, so apparently this is one place where Gulf Stream skimps (though in researching it sounds like this is common to most manufacturers, editing to add that we've found a boating forum with similar complaints on boat trailers with Trail Americas.)  They also have a  reddish oxidation thing going on where when you rub them, the rub mark is Redfish brown.  Not sure what that means.

So, anyway,  we determined that it was safe to continue home, but we researched and ordered new, better tires toot sweet.  We have 4 Maxxis M8008s on order.  It will be nice to be running on radials.
We both decided not to even bother replacing them under warranty since they would more than likely just give us direct replacements of the same quality (or lack thereof!)

FL - Disney's Fort Wilderness

We had a fantastic stay at the Fort!  We had stayed twice in the past in our Aliner, and once again we were not disappointed.  Even though it was crazy spring break season, there is something so nice and relaxing about going back to your own campsite after all of the crowds. 
We love riding our bikes all over.  The boys got in some fishing, Theo and I did some swimming, and Kansas LOVED the dog park. 
Mid week my parents joined us in their Bounder, they had a young bunk mate for the remainder if the week and even did some puppy sitting one night!
I did a live trip report while we were there for the fills on the Camping board on the DISboards, so if anyone wants a day by day account of the trip with pics: Live Trip Report
Otherwise, I'll attach a few of the highlights from just the Fort here on the blog :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

GA - Jacksonville North KOA.

A nice final night en route to Mickeys house.  We got in early enough for Theo to have a swim (he was thrilled the pool was open!)  and for Kansas to play at the dog park.  We also enjoyed dinner on our little patio at our site.  Not being used to fancy camping, I had to go ask if the patio and table and chairs were for our use!  The staff here was so nice, and Ginny in the office remembered my name from hours earlier when I checked us in...wonderful southern hospitality!  Theo enjoyed the game room, which was real games including foosball.  I think hr would have been happy staying here a few more days!  But alas, we had our waffles in the morning and shoved off.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WV - Falling Waters Campsite

This was just an overnight stop en route to Florida, but a great distance from home for leaving after a half day of work and school.  Nice pull through sites, just perfect to plug in so we could use the Vornado heater and head off to slumber land.

NC - Smithfield/Raleigh North KOA

Another single overnight here, but here we get the benefit of visiting Kevin's sister and brother in law who live in Raleigh!  We got in early and had a great visit.  Kansas and Theo also got a chance to stretch their legs and took advantage of the dog park and people park.  And Theo and Uncle Pee Wee played a little hoops!  Waffles in the morning at the camp office and we were on our way.